Farro Fair
Farro is one the traditional dishes in the cuisine from Garrotxa, in which, white corn flour is boiled with the stock from broth. La Vall de Bianya is the region where this cereal is cultivated and the history of farro is closely linked to the municipallity.

Proof of this are the existence of more than twenty flour mills, most of which at one time or another, milled corn flour for the sustenance of the population.

The first three editions of the Farro fair in la Vall de Bianya have enabled the recuperation of the mills: el Moli del Colomer, el Moli del Moli Nou and el Moli de la Boada

Apart from visiting the mill and seeing how cornflower was elaborated (milled) in olden days, visitors to the fair can try an assortment of delicacies with farro(cornflower) being the main ingredient, for instance, biscuits, cakes, sausage, bread, beer (known as la Bianyenca), sweets, all made with farro (cornflower). There is also an abundance of other activities to be enjoyed over the weekend.

The Farro fair is held in the Vall de Bianya the first weekend in February.

III Fira del Farro 2010II Fira del Farro 2009I Fira del Farro 2008IV Fira del Farro 2011V Fira del Farro 2012  

Cartells de la Fira del Farro Autor: Quim Domene

fira farro 2013


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